Refexiones sobre la ciencia de la administración

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Reflexiones sobre la ciencia de la administración
Omar Guerrero Orozco
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México /
Abstract: This work is an exercise of reflection onpublic administration, as a social science,
from three angles: epistemology, theory and research. It identifies the various vicissitudes
public administration had to experience and confront in thebuilding of a systematic body
of knowledge as a science. The work put forward seven current epistemological arguments
about the discipline, which highlight the discovery of the nature of publicadministration, the
importance of addressing it as a problem of theoretical relevance, and the significance entailed
for those who engaged in the practice of public administration come to drink from theknowledge of the science of public administration. Into the theoretical problems, it inquires
into the subject of knowledge of public administration which is the activity of the state
aimed tobroaden the prosperity of society, pointing out that the study of the administrative
state is the object of the theory of public administration, the axial principle, the center. In
research are studiedthe peculiarities that characterize this activity in public administration
which highlights the crisis as one of the main triggers, as well as the continuity between the
ideas. From this analysisthe current assertion of the scientific nature of public administration
and the recovery of its intellectual roots are verified, emphasizing the hard work in research,
teaching and disseminationperformed by many scholars who, forging successive generations
of specialists, have contributed to construct the nobility titles of public administration.
Key words: public administration, science,epistemology, theory and research.
Resumen: Este trabajo constituye un ejercicio de reflexión acerca de la administración
pública en cuanto ciencia social desde tres ángulos: la epistemología, la...
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