Reforma pac 2014

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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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European Commission - Press release

The European Commission proposes a new partnership between Europe and the farmers

Brussels, October 12, 2011 - The European Commission has today published itsplans to reform the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2013. This blueprint aims to strengthen the competitiveness and the sustainability of agriculture and maintain its presence in all regions,in order to guarantee European citizens healthy and quality food production, to preserve the environment and to help develop rural areas.

"The European Commission has proposed a new partnershipbetween European citizens and its farmers to meet the challenges of 1food security, 2sustainable use of natural resources and 3growth. The coming decades will be crucial in laying the foundations for astrong agriculture, able to deal with climate change and international competition, while meeting public expectations. Europe needs its farmers. And its farmers need the support of Europe. The CommonAgricultural Policy is our food production, and is the future of over half of our territories, "said Dacian Cioloş, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.

In line with the otherCommission policy initiatives for the period after 2013, the reformed CAP will make a decisive contribution to Europe 2020. It will fight against climate change, support employment and growth, promoteinnovation and enhance both the economic and ecological competitiveness of agriculture.

The ten key points of the reform

1) Better targeted income support in order to stimulate growth and employmentTo better develop the agricultural potential of the EU, the Commission is proposing to support farmers' income in a fairer, better targeted and simpler way. Basic income support will cover only activefarmers. It will be degressive from € 150 000 per holding and capped beyond € 300 000, taking into account the number of jobs created. It will also be distributed more equitably between farmers,...