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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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Authoritarian Regimes
An authoritarian regime is one that uses other methods of repression and forced to exert his will on the civilian population. Therefore, it is mainly characterized by itsautocratic character and its tendency to limit personal freedoms. Usually, an authoritarian regime is governed by an elite group or resort to repression to stay in power.
The implementation of anauthoritarian regime may manifest in the form of tyranny, monarchy, military governments, or governments in which a single political party is in control.
For the author Juan Linz the authoritarian regime isa political system with limited, not responsible political pluralism, without elaborate and guiding ideology, but with distinctive mentalities, without extensive nor intensive political mobilization,except at some points In their development, and in which a leader or occasionally a small group exercise power within formally ill-defined limits but actually quite predictable ones.
Inauthoritarian regimes the men who come to power reflecting the views of various groups and institutions derive their position not from the support from those groups alone but from the trusted placed in them bythe leader or ruling group, which certainly takes into account their prestige and their influence. An official or a single or privileged party is one more-or –less important component of the limitedpluralism
For Theodor Geiger ideologies are systems of thought more or less intellectually elaborated and organized, often in written form, by intellectuals, pseudointellectuals, or with theirassistance. Mentalities are ways of thinking and feeling, more emotional than rational, the provide noncodified ways of reacting to different situations.
The absence of an ideology, the heterogeneous andcompromise character, and the often mimetism of the guiding ideas, and above all the mentality of the rulers, particularly military elites, bureaucrats, experts, and co-opted politicians of pro-regime...
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