Reglamentacion de manual de higiene y seguridad

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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Values are present in every human society.

Society demands a decent performance in all those who participate in it, but each person becomes a promoter of values, by the way he lives and behaves.From a socio-educational, reference values are considered, patterns or abstractions that guide human behavior towards social transformation and personal fulfillment.

They are guides that givespecific guidance for the conduct and life of every individual and every social group.


Values help us to clear the main questions of existence: who we are, and that means we can lead toachieving this fundamental goal we all desire: happiness. Hopefully, he needed anyone to lose someone or something to realize how much I had. Our values are always influenced by our motivations andneeds.

The assessment we make of things not made with the sole reason, but with feeling, attitudes, the works.


Not enough to discover the values, you need to care for and educatethem, because people are developed to continuously improve, not as an attachment to our way of being, but as part of our daily actions and to reach this point you need to have hope.
We must not forgetthat the values must first be experienced in person, before demanding that others meet our expectations.

What kinds of values exist?

There is desirable or unique classification management ofsecurities, the valuation hierarchies are changing, fluctuate according to changes in context. Many have been proposed value tables.

The important thing to note is that most of the proposedclassification includes the category of ethical and moral values.

(a) values of the pleasant and unpleasant

(b) critical values

(c) spiritual values: beauty and ugliness, right and wrong, values ofpure knowledge of the truth

(d) religious values: the holy and the profane
below after talking a little respect for the values we give a small prize to the values found in the groupEscuchar
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