Religion costly grace

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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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As a child, my mom, Annie, had to go through some difficult times. Vietnam is a communist country and my mom had to live through that time. Though it was difficult, my mom continued to believe inGod and use His gift of actual grace. She used certain tools to think, act and speak out of “costly grace.” For example:

My mom risked her life when she decided to help others to escape and leaveVietnam. If cought, there would be dire consequences. Thus, she was acting out of one of the corporal works of mercy, ransoming the captives.
She also spoke out against crime that was occurring inthe city. The government was not doing much about crime, so she wanted to do something about it. However, she knew that speaking out was a risk to her life. Though most people wanted there to beless crimes as well, it was still dangerous for her.
My mom put the most into her life. She tried to help others as much as she could, and would always place her trust in God. Her spirituality showedthrough he attendance of mass with her small community of believers every morning. One knew that she was doing what God willed.

My cousin's friend, Andrew, chose to act out of “costly grace” whenhe saw another person going through injustice. Andrew used his tools, specifically, the gifts of the Holy Spirit to guide him in his actions to act out of “costly grace.” For example:

Andrew sawone of his classmates being bullied. By Right Judgment, he knew that what was happening was wrong. He took up the courage to stop the bullying, even though it was a risk because the bullies mighttarget him next.
Andrew felt that God had created all human beings equal. Before standing up against the bullies, Andrew prayed to God, asking for his help. He chose to place his trust in God, anddo what he knew was right.
Though he also got involved in the fight and got injured himself, he did not stop. He continued to try to tell the bullies to stop bullying others. In the end, he was...
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