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PQI Description
PQI No.: M256A10010 SUBJECT: PCM Failure
Distributor Dealer VINModel Mileage Accessories M256A VENEZUELA /Vehiculos Writer Mazda de Venezuela H. MOTORES VALENCIA 9FJ-UN84G7-90-212794 UN B-Series/BT-50 12820 km None Built Date of Sale Repair Date Mileage


CBU Mar. 19, 2009 Mar. 19, 2010 Date of Sale Repair Date

Addtional VIN

The vehicle does not increases the speed while driving as a lack of power, and Description of after has beendriving for a while the engine shuts down all of a sudden. The Symptom & Conditon engine won’t star immediately. Did you work on this Yes vehicle? Did you dupuricate the Yes symptom? Category SymptomCode Symptom Frequency F Fuel and Emission Control System 06 ENG SPD WON'T INCREASE C Easy to reproduce (condition is known)

Diagonstic Trouble Code Driving Engine Spdeed Driving Control Road EngineLoad Engine Tmp. During acceleration Rpm more than 2,000 Acclratr fully opened Not dependent on road condition Not dependent on engine load condition Normal temperature Ambient Tmp. Fuel Use ShiftingWeather Other Between 1'C (33'F) & 30'C (86'F) Unleaded high-octane gasoline Up shifting Not dependent on weather condition

The PCM has an internal failure; there is no symptom code after acomputerized diagnosis. Several elements have been checked, such as the fuel pump, throttle Cause of Symptom body, injectors, air cleaner, and exhaust system. There was no damage in any related element.Finally we tested the vehicle with a different PCM, and the failure was gone. Corrective Action To replace the PCM 29/04/2010

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Part Number G6VA 18 881

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