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Tales Of Mystery
Edgar Allan poe

The narrator receives a letter from his friend Roderick in which he tells him that is very sick and needs to see him. The narrator is the only friend ofRoderick since childhood, they havent see ech other so he decides to wrote a letter to him. When the narrator arrives at the house sees that he is very old and is very mysterious, and makes thenarrator feel very sad. 

Enter the house and is greeted by a servant, and the stairs is the family doctor who is very worried. He go up stairs to the room and found him very weak, his face waspale but with the same eyes and just as thin as ever. Then they began to talk and Roderick told his friend who had a strange illness that hurt him everything and was very sensitive, and wouldsoon die. 

As they spoke, Lady Madeleine walked past the room, and the narrator realized that he was ill, and Roderick said that the illness of his sister any doctor know it . but they also saythat was incurable, it became increasingly thinner and sometimes when he slept, was very near to death. That time was the last time the narrator saw Madeleine alive. 

The narradoraccompanying his friend, and painted, read and Roderick played guitar sometimes. One day, the narrator was reading when Roderick said that Madeleine had died, and had decided, so that doctors failed toinvestigate his illness, leaving some time in the basement,

One day, there was a huge storm, Roderick and the narrador where together in Roderick's room, which was very sick. To help calmdown the storm, the narrator was reading a book .when suddenly began to hear cries. He began pacing the room nervously as she realized that they had put Madeleine alive in the coffin, which didRoderick become very angry and started calling him crazy. The narrator fled the house while collapsed, and turned to see the full moon, blood red, illuminating the ruins of the House of Usher. 
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