Resumen quisiera ser millonario

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  • Publicado : 11 de agosto de 2010
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Jamal Malik who lives in a poor slum of Bombay, decides to appear to the Indian version of the contest: "the one who does want to be a millionaire?". Before the surprise of all, Jamal answerscorrectly to each and every of the questions. How is it possible that a boy how he is capable of knowing all the answers? When Jamal is on the verge of answering to the last question, which will make gain 20millions to him of rupias, the police detain it and one takes it to interrogate him. Jamal will have to explain why it knew the answers, it having to resort for to report different moments of hislife, which in addition will help to reveal the real reason of his participation in the contest.
It is the hour of the truth in the study where there is recorded the program of leading TV in India "theone who does want to be a millionaire?" Before a silent public, and of foot under the blinding areas, the boy of the low funds of Bombay 18-year-old Jamal Malik, it faces the final question … and thepossibility of gaining nothing less than 20 millions of rupias.
The presenter, Prem Kumar, feels little sharm for the ragged competitor. After coming to the highest thing from a few humble streetorigins, to Prem there does not make any grace share the reputation of bulging millionaire of anything and rejects the idea of that the boy could know each and every of the answers.

When it is endedthe time of the program and they cut to continue the following day, Prem already has tried for that the police are waiting out of the studies of television to stop Jamal. He is sure that it is doingtraps.
Interrogating the competitor during the whole night, the inspector of policeman realizes that Jamal is so disconcerted since it anyone would be for far that has come in the contest. Thequestions check one to one and Jamal tells him how it has managed to know every response. On having done it, the extraordinary history of his short life begins to go out to the surface.
Jamal's history is...
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