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Did you know?
Hair grows 20 cm per year, but does so faster through summer and into the night, in winter or during the day.
Health ..!
Chapped lips?

The cold air, and suck too littlemoisture are factors that dries much your lips and last but not least the lack of attention to look after his poor appearance increases.
Your look
Brushes clean:
An efficient way to wash if you use ashampoo liquid buying expensive soft drinks, put some in a container with water and put the brushes, give lap as if stirred up the water, let them dry on a flat surface for an entire day, and you canstart using them as dry.
Hidden Brightness:
give a little more life to make you use every morning to go to school or take a coffee with friends: apply a little brighter shade just below your eyebrows.just a little.! This trick gives you an amplifying effect of look, I'll punch your prints look routine affective discreet i!

Wanted rouge color fascination-obsession of comfort

Thefirst lip treatment based on royal jelly extract, activator of sublime color.
Bags on
the rise ...

Yes, maybe the stock market this on the floor, but to bring a bag slung over hisshoulder spectacle, jama s lose its value
Skinny fat inside out!

While the outside seems to have no problem of overweight and you consider yourself thin, inside you can have fat surrounding vitalorgans like the heart, liver or pancreas, and becomes as dangerous as obesity itself all you can do is exercise, so to meterle everything.!

7 .. The wonder fruit

In addition to hydrate theskin, the following recipe will help keep it beautiful and radiant.
liquefies the following ingredients:
½ liter of milk
20 tablespoons honey
7 sweet fruits like papaya, figs, bananas, mango,sapota, guava, pear etc.
Úntate the mixture all over your skin and allowed to hydrate slowly. It feels delicious and nutritious ENJOY!

The aroma on your skin takes 5 to 8 hrs, x...
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