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Rock One

Arthur (Lead Guitar) Pepe (Vocalist’n’2ri Guitar) Rix (Bass Guitar) Kross (Drums)

Current members

• José Madero (Pepe) - Lead vocals, secondary guitar,moog synthesizer
• Arturo Arredondo (Arthur / R2D2)- Lead guitar, secondary vocals
• Ricardo Treviño (Rix) - Bass guitar, chorus, shriek
• Jorge Vazquez (Kross) - Drums

Former members

•David Castillo (Chunky) - drums
• Jorge Garza (Ongi) - Lead guitar, secondary vocals
• Jose Hernandez(Lupe)-Lead Guitar

Name: José Madero
Date of birth: 01/09/1980
marital status:single
Career: Law Degree
favorite color: black
favorite food: Arabic
favorite band: the smiths
favorite actor: tom hanks
favorite actress, said Gustav will not women protagonists moviescareer: was studying
ideal girl: he said that his ideal girl did not exist
French I is a descendant of tree
is very keen on soccer
supports his beloved team's CF Monterrey
fansof the books of Stephen king
lawyer in his spare time
Pepe is a Mexican singer of rock plastic panda
is one of the most fundamental elements of the group
at 16 years old joining the band pandaGroup Biography
Panda (occasionally styled PXNDX) is a Mexican alternative rock band formed in Monterrey, Nuevo León in 1996. The band caught local attention in 2001 with the album "Arroz conleche", and mainstream success on their albums Para ti con desprecio (2005) and Amantes Sunt Amentes (2006).

The band was formed by José Madero, Jorge Garza, Ricardo Treviño, and David Castillo, all fromMonterrey, Nuevo León. The band started playing covers but when they realized they were good writing their own songs they started writing songs about friends, parties and love. Those songs wereplaced on a demo tape, Demo 1997, and distributed to independent labels. Soon after that, David Castillo departed Panda and was replaced by Super Azfalto's former drummer, Jorge Vazquez. They caught the...
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