Revolucion industrial ingles

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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2012
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The second phase of the Industrial Revolution was called The Second Industrial Revolution, that phase started between 1850 and 1870 , it wasdifferent that de first because this revolution appeared in others places such as Europe, United Estades and Japan so, this Industrial Revolution didn't grow from the development of the first IndustrialRevolution.
The Secon Industrial Revolution was caractericed by momentum of science and its application to the economic progress.
Because of the Second Industrial Revolution appeared new energy sourceswhich had an importante development, these were petrol and electricity which began to displace coal and steam.
Petrol was getting important, althoug coal still been the dominant raw matherial toproduce energy but, subjecting petrol to a refining process allowed us to obtain three types of components.
In the first place there was the liguest and most volatil derivates from petrol such asgasoline, which at the begining people thougth that was innecessary and dangerous because of its volatility and ease of combustion.
In the second place there was the kerosene . Kerosene was the most valuedcomponent, but it was figthing with the competence of gas and electricity.
Finally there were the most heavy components such as gasoil and fuel oil.
Also, petrol was used like raw matherial forplastics, the fact that originated the petrochemical industry, but we can say without doubt that the most important part of the petrol industy was the development of the combustion engine, this eningeused the petrol as fuel, that engine form part of automobiles so, the development of petrol carried a development in automobiles and transports.
A few time later, in 1876 Nikolaus Otto created a newgas engine which was able to figth with the steam engine.
The following step, was the invention of the engine powered by diesel which was created by Diesel in 1892. this engine was very heavy but...
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