Rivets and screws

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Rivets and Screws
Requirements: Paint Shop Pro 6, 7
Author: Richie Dumlao

1 Make a new 200 x 200, White background and 16 millions color image.
Set foreground color to Black and backgroundcolor to White

2 Draw a rounded selection using the Selection Tool  as shown in the example
Selection Tool Settings:
Selection Type = Circle
Antialias = Checked
Save your selection to AlphaChannel (Selections>Save to Alpha Channel) and name it "Circle"

3 Apply a Solid Color Fill  at your current selection
Flood Fill Settings:
Fill Style = Solid Color
Blend Mode = Normal
Paper Textureand Match Mode = None
Opacity = 100

4 Contract your current selection by 10 (Selections>Modify>Contract) Pixels = 10
Add a new layer (Layers>New Raster Layer)
Set your Foreground colorto White and Background color to Black by clicking on the bent shown below.

Apply a White color fill  at your current selection
Flood Fill Settings:
Fill Style = Solid Color
Blend Mode = NormalPaper Texture and Match Mode = None
Opacity = 100

5 Pick the Freehand Tool and start drawing a selection that would look like something as shown in the example.
Freehand Settings:
SelectionType = Point to Point
Feather = 0
Antialias = Checked
Single click your mouse in order as shown in the example then double-click at point 5 to close the selection.

6 Press [Delete] from yourkeyboard
Load the "Circle" selection from Alpha Channel (Selections>Load From Alpha Channel)

7 Apply Gaussian Blur Filter (Image>Blur>Gaussian Blur).  Do this three times.
First : Radius = 5Second : Radius = 10
Third : Radius = 5
Merge all layers (Layers>Merge>Merge All)
Darken your image a bit
(Colors>Adjust>Gamma Correction)  RGB = .69

8 Contract your selection by5 (Selections>Modify>Contract) Pixels = 5
Press [CTRL+C] and paste the captured selection into a background image by pressing [CTRL+E]
I did a colorize filter (Colors>Colorize)
Hue = 30...
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