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Unidad.9 COMPLETE* Sarah: I'm so excited about going on this vacation. Tracy: I know. It (is going to be)so relaxing. I can't wait to be at the beach.* Sarah: Me neither. I saw some good deals online for (one-way) tickets on flights from here to there. But, the tickets for coming back home were really expensive.* Sarah: Me neither. I saw some good deals online for(round-trip) tickets on flightsfrom here to there. But, the tickets for coming back home were really expensive.* I think we (should) look into taking the train because it will probably be cheaper.* Sarah: Yeah, I hear that the (express) trains are really fast.* Tracy: The ride is supposed to be really scenic too. There are great ocean views. If I (could) get.* a (window) seat, I'd love to take the train.* Sarah: Sure. And I(could)take the.* (aisle) seat because I usually fall asleep on long train rides anyway.* Tracy: OK. What about when we get there—do you think we (should) get a.* (rental) car so that it's easy to get around?.* Sarah: Definitely. If they have any, maybe we (could) even get a convertible!.* Tracy: Yes—I've never driven before! Sarah: Me neither. This (is going to be) so much fun! .* Tracy: Have youlooked into making a (hotel reservation) yet?.* Sarah: Not yet, but I (am going to look) online tonight to see what's available. What kind of room do you want? Tracy: It doesn't matter to me. Let me know what you find. EJERCICIOS CON SOULD O COULD: *Oh, no. Well you (COULD) take a taxi instead, or, if you don't mind waiting, I could drive to the airport and pick you up. *That's too bad. Well, Iguess now you (COULD) either wait or reserve a later flight. It's up to you. *Next time, you (SHOULD) leave more time to get to the airport. *Oh, what a shame. I think you (SHOULD) avoid cruises from now on! *In the future, you (SHOULD) take your car to the mechanic more often to prevent these things!. *You (COULD) still catch the local if you hurry. *These new rules are driving me crazy! We (SHOULD)try taking the train next time! VOCABULARIO: A ONE –WAY TICKET=BOLETO DE IDA, A ROUND – TRIP TICKET=BOLETO DE IDA Y VUELTA, AN AISLE SEAT=ASIENTO AL PASILLO, A WINDOW SEAT=ASIENTO A LA VENTANA, A NON-STOP FLIGHT=UN VUELO SIN ESCALAS, A DIRECT FLIGHT=VUELO DIRECTO, WE HAD AN ACCIDENT=TUVIMOS UN ACCIDENTE, WE HAD MECHANICAL PROBLEMS=tuvimos un problema mekanico, WE MISSED OUR TRAIN=PERDIMOS NUESTROTREN, WE GOT SEASICK=TENEMOS MAREO . GRAMMAR ”BE GOING TO” ESTO ES PARA EL FUTURO SE USA DE LA SGTE MANERA: PERSONA +TO BE+GOING TO +FORMA BASE DEL VERBO . EJEMPLO I AM GOING TO RENT A CAR IN NEW YORK (YO ESTOY YENDO A RENTAR UN CARRO EN NUEVA YORK). GRAMMAR CON “COULD Y SHOULD” SIEMPRE CON LA BASE NORMAL DEL VERBO EJEMPLO: YOU COULD TAKE THE LOCAL INSTEAD. **SE USA COULD CUANDO HAY SUGERENCIA OUNA ALTERNATIVA**. **SE USA SHOULD CUANDO ES UN CONSEJO UN MANDATO. EJEMPLO: YOU SHOULD TAKE THE NON-STOP***LESSON 10 COMPARATIVE O SUPERLATIVE GRAMMAR

EJERCICIO COMPLETE USA COMPARATIVE O SUPERLATIVE *A: I love this jacket, but it’s just too expensive. B: Well, what about this one over here? It’s also very nice, but it’s a lot (CHEAPER). * A: I just love the way these pumps look with thisdress, but they hurt my feet.B: I really think you should wear a (MORE COMFORTABLE) pair of shoes tonight because we're going to be doing a lot of walking. * A: I'm thinking about buying a new digital camera. My old one is very complicated and difficult to use. B: I've heard the Digicam is great. Of all cameras sold right now, it's supposed to be (THE EASIEST)camera to use.* A: I like this bowl, butit's a little too small. B: What about this one? It's (THE BIGGEST) one we sell. * A: It would be nice to have a camcorder, but I don't think I'd want to have to carry a heavy one around. B: Well, have you looked at the Vision 720? It's supposed to be (THE MOST POPULAR) because it's the lightest. * A: I can't believe how horrible that movie was! B: I know! I think that was (THE WORST) movie I've...
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