Sense and sensibility

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Secondary School English Degree

* Subject: Literatura en la Lengua Inglesa II

* Book’s report: Sense & Sensibility by: Jane Austen

This is a story about a little family, the Mrs. Dashwood and her three daughters, the oldest Elinor, Marianne who can be the main character in the story, and Margaret the youngest. The story begins when Mr. Henry Dashwood dead, beforethis marriage Mr. Dashwood had a soon, Jhon Dashwood who promised to him, take care of his sisters and mother in law and give them part of the legacy that his mother gave him before dead each certainly time, he had thought gave them thousand pounds a-piece but her wife, Fanny who doesn’t like her sisters in law and their mother too, but they had a polite treatment.
Elinor, the eldest sisterpossessed a strength of understanding, and coolness of judgment, which qualified her. She was strong and as her mother she had an excellent heart and her feeling were strong but she was the only of the Dashwoods who knew how to govern them. She was 19 years old
Marianne, was sensible and clever, Se was generous, amiable, interesting, she was everything but prudent. She was 17 years old.Finally, the youngest sister, Margaret was a good-humoured wll-disposed girl; but as she had alredy imbibed a good deal of Marianne’’s romance. She was 13 years old.
When for Mr Dashwood’s wish his son and his wife were in the property in Norland, Fanny, Mrs John Dashwood convinced her housband for gave to the Dashwoods less money arguing that if he gaves a lot of money without they dosomething, they can bad accustom about it, and when they will be married probably he will can to give them money for the rest of their lives.
It wasn’t difficult for her convince him about it. During John Dashwood’s visit in Norland, Fanny’s brother came here and while he was visiting his sister, Elinor fell in love with him but her sisters and mother thought that more to be in love, John admiresElinor, and although that he wasn’t handsome Elinor likes the intellingence and Edward Ferrars feelings.
Edward’s mom, wished to interest him in political concerns, to get him into parliament but he doesn’t’ like it, all his wishes centered in domestic comfort and the quiet of private life. Fortunately he had a younger brother who was more promising.
When Elinor decide talk with MrsFerrars about her feelings, she say no roundly, because she wants that her son’s fortune stay with somebody in the same social context, a Miss from family with money and society.
Soon, Mrs Dashwood and her daughters were looking for another place for live, and suddenly they received a letter from Sir John Middleton who writes them from Barton Cottage and he said to them that they have to pay fortheir stance, a little money, they haven´t to think much about moving because the economical situation is difficult and when they arrived to Devonshire, they discovered that the new home is smaller than the house in Norland, Mrs Dashwood said her daughters that they will be comfortable soon, and soon too, they will themselves like in home. The letter was from this gentleman himself, and writtenin the true spririt of friendly accommodation.
All the first fortnight Sir John Middleton visited them daily and finally, the day in which the Dashwoods will can meet Lady Middleton who was not more than sis or seven and twenty; her face was handsome, her figure tall and striking, and her address graceful. Her manners had all the elegance which her husband’s wanted, the same afternoon inwhich they met Lady Middleton, they could meet the oldest son of the marriage.
One of these days, Sir Middleton organized a party in which the family friends and the Dashwoods, could coexist the people soon could discover the pretty Marianne’s voice and because of this one of the Mr Middleton, Colonel Brandon, was soon in love with her, but the only problem was that hi was a lot of years...
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