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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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One hundred and eighty years after its independence from the Spanish Empire, Colombian society is a pre-French Revolution, before the pre-Enlightenment and the ProtestantReformation. Under the guise of a liberal republic is a noble society colonized, ashamed of herself and hesitant in taking up the challenge to meet, to be recognized, and trying to institutions thatarise from their own social composition”

An effect that had the independence in Colombia was the valuation of the currency and that this will identify a new home.

in commemoration of 200 yearsof the proclamation of independence in the nation or central Colombian army historical studies, from this site adds richness to the fact by which our republic was forged from different angles ofanalysis were addressed in vivid movements relation to the incident that occurred Friday, July 20, 1810 day's market square of Bogotá.

was another important date in which the classical gold standard wasin force in Colombia in 1931, the concentration of gold and foreign exchange at the bank of the republic, had a direct relationship with the attribute, as the law demanded convertibility banknotesinto gold coins or bars of the same having been suspended after definitively abandoned the classical gold standard, the concentration of international reserves in the bank of the republic has adifferent connotation set to maintain a sufficient level of reserves that would allow the country , in addition to preserving confidence in the monetary system, have the national financial capacity comparedto the rest of the world.

Quijano range Rafael said that international reserves allow themselves to have international assets, which maintain the stability of the balance of payments and are able tosupport the external value of the currency.

the centenary demanded a review of the first infantry unit Republican, intellectually, was award the work of Jesus Maria Henao and Gerardo Arrubla...
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