Shakespeare’s ‘hamlet’

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Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’
Hamlet is considered one of the most popular and respected plays ever written. It was written by Shakespeare in what can be considered as his most mature writing period andis generally defined as a Romantic tragedy.
Hamlet was written between 1600 and 1602, and first printed in 1603.
Shakespeare was born towards the end of the renaissance period and was one of thefirst to bring the renaissance’s core values to the theater.
Shakespeare Embraced the Renaissance in the Following Ways:
* Shakespeare updated the simplistic, two-dimensional writing style ofpre-renaissance drama. He focused on creating “human” characters with psychologically complexity. Hamlet is perhaps the most famous example of this.
* The upheaval in the accepted social hierarchyallowed Shakespeare to explore the humanity of every character regardless of their social position. Even monarchs are given human emotions and are capable of making mistakes.
* Shakespeare utilizedhis knowledge of Greek and Roman classics when writing his plays. Before the renaissance, these texts had been suppressed by the Catholic Church.
The summary of the plot of Hamlet is the next one:Hamlet is the son of the King of Denmark. When Hamlet's father dies, his uncle Claudius becomes king and marries Hamlet's mother (Gertrude). Hamlet's father appears as a ghost and tells Hamlet thathe was murdered by Claudius. Hamlet is not sure that the ghost is really his father. He gets some travelling actors to perform a play which shows the murder of a king in the same way Hamlet's fathersaid he was killed. When Claudius reacts badly to seeing this, Hamlet believes he is guilty.
Hamlet tells his mother that he knows about the murder. While there he kills Polonius, who is the king'sadvisor, because he thinks he is Claudius. Claudius sends Hamlet to England to have him killed, but his ship is attacked by pirates who take Hamlet prisoner but then return him to Denmark.
Ophelia is...
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