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This is a list ofall known Frank Zappa concert tapes. These concerts date from 1963 through 1988. A large share of the information in this document has been provided by some of my extremely helpful trading friends, none of whom can be thanked enough. Some setlists are taken from the "Touring can make you crazy" series (by Axel Wünsch) in the fanzine "T'Mershi Duween". Many of the dates and venues from the years1966-1971 are very uncertain, and the facts from this period are confusing and contradictory. If you have any corrections that you're sure about, please let me know! Some general notes about the information in the document: Length The length of a concert tape is a complicated issue. I have not timed all of the tapes myself, and the people who have provided me with timings may have differenttechniques and degrees of precision. Also, some shows may be arranged differently over the tape sides, depending on the people who have copied it, which also affects the length. Generally, the timing does not match the absolute length of the recording, but is the result of the following algorithm: 45*(number of complete tape sides) + (number of minutes on last tape side). Conclusion: take the timings witha grain of salt. Source There are four different source types: Audience tapes (Aud), soundboard recordings (SBD), radio or TV broadcasts (FM), and stage recordings by band or crew members (Stage). In cases where multiple sources exist for a concert, I have listed all of them. Sound rating The sound is graded A, B, or C, often with a plus or minus. Many people prefer the EX/VG/G system, which isbasically the same thing (A=EX etc.). A loose attempt at translating it into words might look something like: A+ About as good as an official release, probably mixed for radio, etc. A Perfect audience or low-generation soundboard recording. A- Very enjoyable listening. B+ Quite good audience, or somewhat flawed soundboard recording. B Listenable. B-/C+ May be irritating. C/C- Not recommended. Now,if there's one thing in this document that should be taken with a grain of salt, it's the sound ratings. There are a number of reasons for this. One, it's highly individual - some people love crisp SBDs with no echo or crowd noise, while others prefer the spacy ambience of a good audience recording. Also, my experience is that the newbie concert tape listener is more sensitive to rough sound, andmay have a hard time listening to a B+ tape that my hardened ears find enjoyable. Two, there may exist multiple audience recording sources for one concert. I give only the grading of the best source I've heard, unless there's a worse recording that is more complete, in which case I list both. Three, the sound of a recording depends a lot on what generation the tape is, and the quality of the deckson which it has been dubbed previously. A show that sounded A- originally may have become a B- by the time it reaches you, if you're unlucky. Four, the human factor - the gradings are made by me, and while I'm confident that I'm relatively consistent (and tough!) in my ratings, I can't guarantee 100% consistency. They may be affected by when I listened to the tape, what mood I was in, etc. Iupdate them regularly, as I relisten to tapes or hear new versions. Bottom line: don't come complaining to me when you recieve a so-called A- recording that sounds C+ to your ears. 2

Early Sixties =============== 19-May 1963, Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, CA 50 min, FM, B An excerpt of this performance can be heard on "The Lost Episodes". Piece Nr 2 Of Visual Music 1957 For Jazz Ensemble...
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