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* AIDS (an acronym for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a disease that affects humans infected by HIV. It is said that a person has AIDS when his body due to the immunodeficiency caused by HIV,is not capable of providing an adequate immune response against infections that afflict humans.

A person infected with HIV is HIV positive and goes to develop a cadre of AIDS when their level ofCD4 T lymphocytes, cells that attack the virus, drops below 200 cells per milliliter of blood.

HIV is transmitted through body fluids: blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk.

World Dayto Combat AIDS is celebrated on 1 December
* AIDS is the inability of the immune system to respond to infections and other diseases, and develops when the level of CD4 T lymphocytes falls below200 cells per milliliter of blood.

Normally, white blood cells and antibodies attack and destroy any foreign organism that enters the human body. This response is coordinated by a type of cellscalled CD4 lymphocytes. Unfortunately, HIV specifically targets cells expressing the CD4 receptor, one of the most important are the CD4 T cells and enter them. Once inside, the virus transforms itssingle-stranded genetic material (RNA) to a double-stranded (DNA) for incorporation into the host's own genetic material (infected person) and uses it to replicate or make copies of itself. When new copiesof the virus out of cells into the blood, looking for other cells to attack. Meanwhile, the cells from which they were killed. This cycle is repeated again and again.
* To defend this productionof virus, the immune system of a person produces many CD4 cells daily. Gradually the number of CD4 cells decreases, so that the person suffers from immunodeficiency, which means you can not fight offother viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause disease, which leaves the person susceptible to diseases a healthy person would be able to cope, such as atypical pneumonia and meningitis...
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