Social problems

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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2012
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Women have been always at a disadvantage when comparing to men. They have always been underestimated and being taken advantage off. Men havealways taken advantage of women and when it comes to a social term they abuse of them. Every time or most of the time a man is compared to a woman,the man comes out as a better all-around person. Women now have rights and men today are afraid of that because women now have power. They (thewomen) are supposed to have equaled rights as everyone, but due to chauvinism they feel useless and it’s not how it’s supposed to be.
Women arebeing made fun of daily. Whether it’s for their driving or their cooking, men always find a way to make them feel less important. Almost everyday I hear a comment on how bad women drive. For example, if someone crosses you while driving all men say the same thing. “That’s got to be awoman”. Chauvinism has taken a great part of our daily lives in every part of the world. If it’s domestic violence, socially down righting or takingadvantage of, women are to be respected.
Finally, women are to be treated as same as everyone. They are not to be made fun off, taken advantageoff and not to be underestimated. Men are afraid of women in some part, because they now like anyone else have voice, they are heard. Chauvinismis a great part of our society but not all men abuse socially of women. It is harder to be a woman now a day because of all these problems.