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Hardfacing Product Catalog
Wearshield® and Lincore® Consumables

About The Lincoln Electric Company
Lincoln Electric is the world’s premier manufacturer of welding equipment and consumables. No company on earth is more focused on the everchanging needs of the welding professional. Our business is all about helping companies make their welding operations moreeffective, more efficient, more profitable. Lincoln is truly your “One Source” when it comes to welding. We’re a company that continually rededicates itself to the equally important goals of exceptional quality, and exceptional service. Our field support team –– with hundreds of field sales engineers and thousands of knowledgeable and responsive Lincoln distributors in countries all over the world –– isthe largest in the industry. Innovative thinking. A quality and service-first attitude. Fresh approaches to design, manufacturing, and packaging. Worldwide strength. That’s Lincoln Electric.

What is Hardfacing?
The American Welding Society defines hardfacing as "A surfacing variation in which surfacing material is deposited to reduce wear." The term surfacing is defined as "The application bywelding. . . of a layer, or layers, of material to a surface to obtain desired properties or dimensions, as opposed to making a joint." AWS A3.0 Standard Welding Terms and Definitions What that means to you is that you can use hardfacing consumables from Lincoln Electric to: • Get new life out of old parts • Hardface new parts (such as on an OEM basis) to get better performance from newassemblies • Hardface rather than replace parts And that extends the service life of your equipment subject to wear, saves you money, and sometimes, even makes a service part better than new!

What are the benefits of Lincoln Hardfacing consumables?
• Frequently, the resulting deposit exhibits superior wear-resistant compared to the original material. • Often, the resulting deposit is harder than theoriginal material. • When properly applied, the hardfacing or build-up deposit will last longer than the original material. • Lincoln hardfacing and build-up deposits go on smoothly and exhibit better wear characteristics than many competitive products intended for the same application.

Wide Range of Hardfacing Consumables
Wearshield® Stick Electrodes Select a Wearshield electrode from a broadselection – one for almost any application. • Deliver maximum welding application flexibility in remote locations. • Compared to other welding processes, requires the least amount of equipment. • Many Wearshield Stick Electrodes can be used in all welding positions. Lincore® Open Arc Self-Shielded and Gas-Shielded Wire Electrodes and Submerged Arc Wire Electrodes Choose a Lincore wire for maximumproductivity, especially useful on multiple layer or repetitive applications. Many alloys, sizes and packages are available. • Produces a higher deposition rate than stick. • Automatic welding, typically 1/8” (3.2 mm) electrode diameter and greater, requires the greatest amount of set-up, while delivering the highest deposition rates and maximum productivity.

Hardfacing 2 Lincolnweld® Neutral and Alloy Submerged Arc Fluxes Use a particular flux to tailor the resulting wear characteristics for your particular application. • Neutral fluxes do not significantly change weld metal composition. • Alloy fluxes are used with mild steel wire to make alloy weld deposits. • Choosing the right flux can be simple with help from the Welding Experts at Lincoln Electric.Superior Feedability Set it and forget it! • Lincore wire feeds beautifully, so your hardfacing operators can concentrate on getting your equipment back in service instead of on adjustments and restarts.

Backed by the best welding company in the world
Wearshield, Lincore and Lincolnweld hardfacing products are designed, manufactured and supported by Lincoln Electric – The world’s most...
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