Something about stress

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2010
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“Something about Stress”
Stress is a bio-psycho-social disorder that affects all population worldwide. Nowadays people is constantly under pressure because we’re immersed in a globalize society thatrequired qualified people to resolve all kind of emotional, social and work troubles at work.
The pioneer:
In the 30's, Prague Hans Selye who was studying medicine at the Praga University notedthat all the sick people who he studied, regardless of the condition being treated, they showed common symptoms: fatigue, loss of appetite and weight decrease, among others. Therefore, Selye called thesesymptoms: syndrome of being ill. And in 1950 he published: Stress. A study of anxiety.
The term stress comes from physic and was adopted by psychology. It refers to the pressure exerted by one bodyto another, and the one who receive more pressure can be destroy. Selye said that stress was the nonspecific answer to all the demands which people are subjected to.

There are 2 stress types:positive stress or eustress; and negative stress or distress.
The first is a state in which people reacts positive, creative and affirmatively to hard situations. This allows them solve their problemsand develop their skills.
The second type is called bad stress, it happens when demand is excessive, intensive and prolonged and person can’t afford this.
Stress has 3 phases:
 1-     Alarm
2-    Resistance 
3-     Collapse
When a stress situation is perceived, people can resolve it without stress, but when the opposite happens, the alarm phase persists until decrease and people enterin the collapse phase.
There are 2 stress types:
-         Episodic: is momentary.
-         Chronic: When someone is affected constantly by a stressor, symptoms will appear every time thestressor appears.
Causes are:
-         Bad work environment.
-         Overwork
-         Alteration of biological rhythms.
-         Responsibilities and very important decisions....
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