Sports promote friendship

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Does sport promote friendship?

Sports promote friendship. First, competing against another people create an atmosphere of competition, which force us to talk to our opponents and get to knowother people. Second, when we do sports our body produces the “happiness hormone” which helps us make friends. Third, the fact of being competing to other people, even though they are fighting fortheir team, make you realize you have a lot of things in common.

First, if you are all day long competing against another person, in any minute you are going to have to talk to this humanbeing, because you can’t be all the day in silence, so if you create a conversation in between this people and you, you can make a lot of new friends.

Second, by doing exercise, especiallyoutdoors, our body produces a hormone called endorphin, which makes us happy. Because of that, it is called, the hormone of happiness. Obviously, if you are happy, it will be easier to make friends. Youwill be willing to talk to other people, having a moment to share ideas with the people that are next to you. If you see a happy person, the first thing you are going to think of it is that she is fullof friends.

Third, if you are competing to another team, even though they also want to win, and there is an atmosphere of rivalry, you discover you have a lot of things in common with thatother group of persons, and logically, in your friends, you look for things in common, so that you can be similar. In fact, the people you are practicing the sport with and against share the interest inthe same sport.

In conclusion, doing sports promote friendship, so if you start practicing any sport you will not only develop yourself individually, but you will also develop yourselfsocially. Especially if you practice a team sport, in which, because of the time spent together with the team, the interest or passion that you put in it and of course the team work that you have to...
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