Sports psycology

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SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY FOR TENNIS COMPETITION Concentration  Focus on the tasks in hand  Imagine the shots being played  Block outside distractions  Set up a “Playing Zone”  Focus on the HERE and NOW Control your body language Pre-competition routine 1. Mental Training Match preparation:  Pre-match routines and procedures  “Psychological” warm up Training:  Between points period  Duringpoints period  Between games and during changeovers 2. Physical Training  Short games  Course play  Gym, running. 3. Getting ready for the Environment  Being familiar and acclimatised with theenvironment also is important to success.  Prior the competition visit the venue, become familiar with the place, locker rooms, treatment rooms, warm-up facilities, and even the courts so thatvisualisation can be very thorough.  The more you know, the better you can prepare.  Sometimes it may be necessary to acclimatise too, which means travelling to a hot climate to prepare or training underdifferent conditions to better prepare.  The mental benefits of this far out way the physiological benefits. 4. Help of Yoga  Holistic development of aerobic and muscular endurance, flexibility andmental toughness.  Relaxation and breathing techniques, which will be central to future success in competitive tennis.  Focus must be placed on ensuring correct breathing. 5. Preparation the night before Making sure racquets and clothes are ready  Allow adequate time for visualisation  Plan a good night sleep.

6. Preparation on the day  Set a specific time to eat a winning pre-match meal Conduct a warm-up routine and some light stretching  Visualisation and an on-court warm-up. 7. The last few hours  Quiet time,  Relaxing and listening to music and meditating  Reviewing game plan, Some light activities to get those feet moving and into position,  Eat and drink to win,  Dress to win. Wear what makes you feel good.  Take time and go out onto court to have fun, knowing you...
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