Streetcar named desire

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"A Stretcar Named Desire" was written by the playwright Tennessee Williams in 1948.
The action takes place between May and September in an apartment in the district of New Orleans. It is set in the1940s, after the Second World War.
Blanche Dubois, a schoolteacher from Mississippi, arrives at the apartment of her sister Stella Kowalski at New Orleans. She tells her that she has lost his job inLaurel (Mississippi) due to her nerves and that she has also lost their homestead in Mississippi because all of their remaining relatives have died. Stella lives with her husband Stanley Kowalski.Stanley does not trust in Blanche because he suspects she has cheated out Stella with the family inheritance.
The marriage of Stella and Stanley is full of unhappiness and Blanche notices that at thevery beginning. Blanche begins to get on well with the close friend of Stanley, Mitch and this will make Stanley get angry.
Blanche tries to convince Stella to leave Stanley due to an amount ofdiscussions they have had. She thinks her sister deserves a better man. Stanley overhears the conversation between the two sisters and late threatens Blanche with talking about her disreputable past.Blanche spends hours thinking about what Stanley has said to her and in a discussion with Mitch she reveals her past to him. Mitch seems to understand her.
A month later, at Blanche´s birthday, when Stellais preparing the dinner for everyone Stanley arrives home and tells her about the past of her sister. He tells her about the sexual affairs of her sister, concerning the living in a motel and arelationship with a student in Mississippi. Stella is horrified but continues with the dinner.
Mitch never arrives to this dinner and Stanley tells Blanche that he has told him everything about her andthat this is the reason why he is not going to appear. Stanley gives a bus ticket to Blanche, so that she returns to Laurel.
Then, Mith says to Blanche that he cannot be with her due to her numerous...
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