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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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|Name : Jessica del Carmen Carvallo Lara |Student’s number: 02617779 |
|Course title:|Teacher’s name: |
|English III |Mercedes De Lourdes Gómez ||Modelu: |Activity: |
|2.- Countable and uncountable, quiantifiers, future, |6.-Managing life. |
|subject/object relative clauses, whish + past. | |
|Date:march 9th, 2011. |
| |Objective:
• Distinguish the different uses of the future.
• Describe what’s advisable using had better, ought to, and might want to.
• Practice using have to and have got to.

Results:Always on his way to work is high traffic, maybe if he left home earlier than would be on time for work, but if so would have to skip some activities you do before leaving home, like breakfast to be sono yield enough at work. he can take an alternate route that is not high traffic at that time and thus time to get to work without having to sacrifice breakfast. one of the reasons why you are late, ithas to leave her daughter at school, maybe if you pay for collection at school, would avoid stray too far in letting her daughter and get out directly to work. Everyday is the same way, maybe it's...
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