Tacna city

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Tacna is the most southern city in Peru. It has been known as the heroic city of Peru since it was reincorporated into Peruvian sovereignty in 1929, after Pacific Waragainst Chile Which have invaded tacneños.During the War, Tacneños defended their city , offering their lives.
This city has a diverse geography, including volcanoes, deserts and mountainous zones, Alsoit has a great mining and agriculture potential.
Typical dishes of Tacna
Tacna offers visitors colorful and delicious dishes. For example Picante a la Tacneña, patazca Tacneña, corn and cheese andguinea pig chactado.

Festivities of Tacna City

They are celebrated in different towns and villages with typical local dances. And it can be celebrated for many days.
   Tacna has many festivals,like Anniversary of the Alto Alianza Battle, Anniversary of the Arica Battle; however, the most important festivity in the city is the Tacna Week, during this period of time, Tacneños celebrate Paseode la Bandera that consists to remember the reincorporation of Tacna into Peruvian sovereignty, after the occupation of Chilean authorities.
Tourist places

There are many monuments, which arelocated in this city, including the arch of the Alto de la Alianza, if you visit this place you will be able to understand the significance of this arch because it has been created in honor to the heroeslike Miguel Grau and Francisco Bolognesi.

After that, you should go to the interesting Locomotive Park, which carried Peruvian troops in order to defend the Arica Hill during the War with Chile in1879.
Then if you want to relax, you could go to Calientes thermal baths.
But if it is not enough for you, exploring can be a good option, you could visit caves of Toquepala, where archaeologistshave found some of the oldest human remains in Peru.
And if you have enough money yet, you will find cheaper things like televisions, cars, machines, etc.
By the time, you visit all this places and...