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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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[pic]The politica
l views of President Barack Obama is an inspiring new change of pace to American politics. While I Promotes Many liberal Policies, I HAS ADOPTED Several conservative ideas and is a huge supporter of bi-partisanship as well. His stance on Political Issues Is Not Determined by the party I Belongs to, pero by facts and a rational thought process inTackling Our current world problems. He Does not just talk about Reaching across the aisle, I Actually it does. This is a breath of fresh air for Many Americans as President George W. Bush and His administration Were Not known for an open door policy or bi-partisanship. Some Citizens Believe That President Bush's unwillingness to listen to Others is part of the reason why Our Country is in it'scurrent shape. American citizen's Have Been Changing Political views a lot in the last decade that due to the major changes file in Government DURING this time.

- President Barack Obama's Political stance is Not Subject To just Democratic views and ideas. I've included Many Republican ideas in historical Proposed Health Care Reform bill as well as historical Economic Reform Legislation. ManyAmericans Would Argue That His Foreign Policies Are very conservative. The president's opponent from the 2008 election, Senator John McCain co-sponsored a defense contracting Reform Bill That Obama signed Into law. Encouraged Both parties have to come together to pass a credit card bill of rights and was successful in doing so. Also I've got Republican support in order to extend compensation to theUnemployed.This Is What Our Country Needs Right Now. Many Politicians talk about Being bi-partisan, but very FEW Actually follow through with it.

- Many Would Argue That the Difference between President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush is like night and day. President Bush's Political stance was extremely conservative. Reflected His Political views only of His own party Those Especially WhenIt Came to the economy. I relier on tax cuts as one of His main Economic Ways of fixing problems. Some Americans Were Not Supportive Of His tax cuts to large Businesses Who Were Not Only But Profits record making shipping jobs overseas as well. It Was George W. DURING That Bush's presidency Many American's Political Their views changed. President Bush Took office with a record surplus and leftoffice with a record deficit and Also started two wars. This Caused Many Americans to look at Their Own Political stance and ask Some important questions.
Is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of the increase in temperature overall average, the Earth's atmosphere and oceans since 1850 , coinciding with the end of the so-calledLittle Ice Age , or either Regarding longerperiods. This increase would have increased in the last decades of the twentieth century and the first century.
Global warming is associated with climate change that may have anthropogenic cause or not. The main effect that causes global warming is the greenhouse effect , a phenomenon that refers to the absorption-by certain atmospheric gases, mainly CO 2 - from the ground energy emitted as a result ofbeing heated by solar radiation . The greenhouse effect natural that stabilizes the Earth's climate is not a matter to be included in the global warming debate. Without this natural greenhouse temperatures would drop by about 30 ° C, with such change, the oceans would freeze and life as we know it would be impossible. To this effect occurs are required these greenhouse gases, but in appropriateproportions. What worries climate scientists is that an elevation of that ratio will produce an increase in temperature due to heat trapped in the lower atmosphere.
The body of the UN responsible for the analysis of the relevant scientific data, the IPCC (I nter-Governmental limata P anel on C or C hange Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) - argues that "most of the observed increases in...
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