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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2010
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Where did you go, Love, where did you go?

Where did you go, Love, where did you go?
It became extinct in the west the gentle fire
and you who told me: "So long,
back for the night "... Did notcome back!

How divine you hurt your foot brambles?
What cruel wall deafened you my request?
Knew what snow freeze your attachment
and your memory just steal my picture?

... Love, will notcome! In vain, anxious,
my balcony watch in vivo
the green and misty border

and he fakes a fugitive cloudscape
ship of light in that ultimately rest
your sweet ghost is thoughtful.



I, as you,

master the love, the life, the sweet charm

of the things, the landscape

celeste of the days of January.

Also my blood bulle

and river by the eyes

thathave known the shoot of the tears.

I create that the world is beautiful,

that the poetry is as the bread, of all.

And that my venas do not finish in me

but in the unanimous blood

ofwhich struggle by the life,

the love,

the things,

the landscape and the bread,

the poetry of all.

Roque Dalton

Two birds drinking

Two birds drinking
in a single drop of dew.
Twotears in rain
to fall together from a single wing.
Two leaves falling asleep
in one corner of the foliage.
Two hands to discover the fate
a single rose.
Two masts inventing distance
in oneimage.
And you and I held the unit.

David Escobar Galindo

a ranch and a star

One day? First God?
you must love me a little.
I raise up the hut
we live them.

What else can we ask? With yourlove,
my ranch, a tree, a dog,
and across the sky and the hill
and flowering cafetalito ...

And between aroma of elder,
a mockingbird to sing
and a pool that will copy
birds and vines.What the poor want,
what the poor love, Because there is nothing better
why we adore
because that's what we have ...

With only that, my darling;
with only this:
with my verse, with your kiss,...
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