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Research table

You can use this table to make notes as you read the case studies.

Examine the reactions of politicians and people to the Treaty of Versailles in Britain, France, Germany and theUSA. You need to explain:

¨ Each country’s attitude towards Germany in the peace conference which led up to the treaty terms being announced
¨ The points and issues which Britain, France, the USAand Germany agreed or disagreed on
¨ The views of people and politicians in each country on the final treaty

|Attitude towards Germany during the Peace Conference|Points of agreement /disagreement|Attitude to final terms of Treaty of Versailles|

These jumbled up points might fit somewhere on the table:

¨ Germany was a future potentialtrading partner
¨ Prepared to accept some responsibility for the war
¨ Felt that some politicians like General Smuts were trusting the Germans too much
¨ Felt that all countries were responsible forcausing the war
¨ Agreed with Britain and USA that Germany should pay reparations
¨ Anxious that Britain and France would be just and not take revenge on Germany
¨ Outrage at the terms of the Treaty¨ Mixed views, including joy at end of the war but wanting revenge on the Germans
¨ Agreed with France that Germany should pay reparations
¨ League of Nations was a good idea
¨ Prepared to payfor damage caused to Belgium and France
¨ Anxious to make clear that Germany had suffered in the war
¨ Germany should pay reparations
¨ Largely in agreement with American attitudes
¨ Concerned thatFrench attitudes were too harsh
¨ Generally more in agreement with Britain than France
¨ Generally saw Prime Minister Lloyd George as a hero
¨ Germany should be crippled
¨ Germany should loselarge amounts of land
¨ Prepared to pay reparations but wanted these to be fair
¨ Republican opponents of Democratic President Wilson were opposed to Treaty
¨ Some newspapers had concerns about...
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