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Present perfect

1 Choose the correct word to complete each

1 Have you ever/never been camping with friends?

Have you everbeen camping with friends?

2 No, I haven’t been camping with friends already/yet.

No, I haven't been camping with friend yet.

3 Yes, I’ve already/yet been camping with my friends.

Yes, I’vealready been camping with my friends.

4 Have you finished the book ever/yet?

Have you finished the book yet?

5 Yes, I’ve just/yet finished it.

Yes, I´ve just finished it.

6 Have youever/yet been to London?

Have you yet been to London?

7 No, I’ve ever/never been to London.

No, I've never been to London.

2 Complete the conversation with just, already,
yet, ever andnever.

JULIE: Hi Mum! I’ve already arrived in Santiago.

MUM: Santiago? Where’s that?

JULIE: It’s the capital of Chile.

MUM: Have you been to Argentina ever?

JULIE: No, not never, but we’vealready visited Ecuador and Peru.

MUM: You’re so lucky.


MUM: Well, I’ve just been to Peru or Chile.

JULIE: Have you ever been to Argentina?

MUM: No dear, you know I’ve yetbeen to South

JULIE: You should come with me. I’ve already decided I’m coming back next year.

MUM: I don’t know dear. It’s a long way to travel.

3 Write sentences and questions usingthe

you / ever / go / to / the USA / ?
Have you ever gone to the USA?

1 you / ever / go / skiing / ?
Have you ever gone skiing?

2 you / finish / your homework / yet / ?
Have youfinished your homework yet?

3 she / just / visit / her friends / .
She have just visited her friends.

4 I / already / meet / a famous person /.
I´ve already met a famous person.

5 you /ever / write / a poem / ?
You have ever written a poem?

6 I / never / go / bungee-jumping / .
I have never gone bungee-jumping.

7 I / not / be / on TV / yet / .
I haven´t been on TV yet.

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