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Mrs. Jackie González

Who was Socrates? Socrates also known as the Father of Philosophy was the first of the three greatAthenian philosophers. He was born in 469 B.C. He fought in the Peloponnesian war. It’s said that Socrates was an ugly guy but he was a very wise man, and that’s for sure. Socrates had many questionsabout life and human existance. Socrates wrote nothing himself, his contemporaries wrote everything we know about him.
He served as a soldier. However, as Socrate’s commitment increased he becamepoor. He forced himself to walk around without shoes and he had no shirt. Socrates would spend his days in the maket place or streets, looping and persuading all sorts of people using an interrogationmeted now known as the Socratic Method.
Many of Socrates ideas relate to the Bible. Socrates was obsessed with righteous living like no other philosopher. He believed the soul was eternal. Common mancould not harm it; onlye one’s owner could hurt or better his soul with his actions. According to Socrates the soul is paramount and one should be more concerned with it, because virtue benefits thesoul and brings happiness.
One of the ideas that got Socrates in trouble was that he thought he was wiser than many of the people in power. Like most of Socrates’ ideas, this is not what it seems inappearance. Socrates believed that he was wise because he knew nothing and admitted it, while others thought they were wise but really were not. In other words, anyone who admits to not being wise isreally wis because no human being can really attain complete wisdom.
Socrates seems to have often stated that his wisdom was limited toa n awareness of his own ignorance. Socrates may have believedthat wrongdoing was a consequence of ignorance, that those who did wrong knew no better. The one thing Socrates consistently claimed to have knowledge of was the ‘’art of love’’ which he connected...
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