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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Pie cheese ingredients: ● 1 package of biscuits, marias ● 1 can condensed milk 1 can evaporated milk ● ● 3 whole eggs ● 1 bar butter or margarine 1 cheese preparation largePhiladelphia ●: cookies are first milled is left a little biscuit to cover the pie and be a golden crust. Later with the remainder joins with margarine for fromar a paste andlining the mold for pay.Then separate blend other ingredients together. Will dump the mold and sprinkle you the cookie aparto above. Then put in oven for a period of 30 to 40minutes or until that the intrcoducir a small stick comes out clean well that this golden crust. Let it cold in the oven already off.

Recipe to prepare ChocoFlaningredients 1 box of flour to prepare chocolate cake 1 cup flour for pancakes 3 eggs 1 cup of condensed milk 1 cup of whole milk cinnamon or vanilla caramel (optional) to tastewalnuts to taste preparation Prepare the mix to according to the instructions in the box chocolate cake, additionally Add flour for pancakes. Place in a mold previously floured andgreased. Blend eggs, milk and add cinnamon or vanilla. Once liquefied, empty on the top of the cake mix, let bake for 35 minutes. Demolde flan and garnish with the carameland nuts.

Recipe to prepare lemon Pay, ingredients: 1 can of evaporated milk. 1 lata de condensed milk. 1 package of biscuits, marias. 7 lemonsAccessories 1 juicer. 1 palita. 1 container to do the mix. 1 mold. Preparation: First to your recipient base two milks revuelvalo 5 minutes, squeeze the lemons, Keyport to stir themixture 4 minutes over mixture. In its mold fits cookies using the bottom then pour your mixes, so 4 times more, ending metalo 6 hours to the refrigerator and this ready.
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