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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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24 DE MAYO DEL 2010
Baseball is a team sport played between two teams of nine players each. It is considered one ofthe most popular sports in the United States, Japan (Asian champion and twice World Champion), Canada, South Korea (Olympic Champion), Taiwan, Cuba (Pan-American champion), Australia, Mexico,Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Holland (European champion), Dominican Republic, Italy and Venezuela. The countries of the sport powers are concentrated in the Americas (North, Central,Caribbean and Venezuela located in the South) and Asia, where European and African continents laggards, while Europe has two good examples such as the Netherlands and Italy and in Africa only include theselection of South Africa with some good talent.

It is played on a large field of natural or artificial surfaces (except the area where the offensive players to reach the bases are located in thecorners of the square area called the diamond, and note line called the corridor and the area launcher where the terrain is a ridge of land).

The object is to hit a ball with a bat (batting), moving itacross the field and run around the infield dirt (infield) aiming to reach as many potential bases to go around the base from which to hit (home) and ensure the well-known record as a career, whiledefensive players looking for a ball hit to kill the player who hit the ball or other runners, they come first before any of the bases or can enter the race (see Rules for details of the game).

Theteam scoring the most runs after nine (9) episodes, called the meeting lasting innings, is what wins. If at the end of nine innings scores level persists regular racing, the meeting is extended asnecessary for there to be a winner, according to the rules of the game there is a tie, which is permitted only in leagues for amateurs and children limit the players wear.
Unlike other sports that are...
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