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Chapter 5 My New Friends
hn liked me. He was a very good groom, nnd my black coat alwayS shone. beautifully. He looked at my feet every day. He knew when one of them hurt. Then he putsomething on to it. He often talked to me. .1 didn't. know every word, but I soon understood him. I liked John Manly more than anybody. ' 1 liked the stable boy, James Howard, too.John taught him to bekind to horses, and he helpedjohn to groom me.
After two or three days,.I pulled a carriage with Ginger. I was a ira id of her. She put her ears back when tqey took me across to her. But she didn'tmove when they harnessed me next to her.
John drove us, and we worked very well. Ginger worked well. She pulled as hard as me, and she also liked going. more quickly. Many horses only go fast when thedriver hits them with his whip. Ginger and í went fast when the driver wanted us to go last. We went as fast as \ve could. John didn't like the whip, and he never whipped us. We worked hard for him.After Ginger and I went out two or three times with the carriage, we were good friends.
We liked little Merrylegs very inuch. He was never afraid and always liappy. Mr Gordons little girJs lovedriding him, and they were never afraid. Mrs Gordon loved all three of us, and we I o ved her.
Mr Gordon liked his people to have one day without work every vveek. His horses also liad a day without work.On Si'ndny they took us to a field of good grass, and we stayed there all day, without réins or harness. We ran and jumped.We played, and we were happy.Theñ we stood under some trees and told stories.Chapter 6 James Howard
Mr Gordon carne to the stables one day and spoke to John Manly.'Hqw is James working, John ?' he asked.
'Very well,'John answered.'He learns quickly. He is kind tothe horses, and the horses like him. He's learning to drive, and he'll-soon be a good driver.'
Then "ames carne in. 'James,' Mr Gordon said.' I have a letter froni my friend, Sir Clifíord Williams...