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  • Publicado : 4 de octubre de 2010
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“What teacher is, will be the school, but also, what school is will be the citizens that it were form, and what citizens are will be the community andlikewise the Nation”
Agustin Nieto Caballero
This article is very interesting and all on it is true; in spite of the traditionalism stayed behind and people all the timeare speaking about alternative methods, nowadays teaching has to change starting with teachers, like Alberto Espinosa López said “if we want to improve Colombia’s educationquality, we must to have politics and strategies that convey to form, to training, to evaluate and develop competences in teachers to carry out with the big responsibility thatthey have”.
If you observe nowadays many children don’t want to study and sometimes they get demotivated and you easily can blame teachers because some of them don’t lovewhat they do, some teachers see their profession just like a job and don’t realize they have in their hands the major responsibility with the community since from thy dependsthe cognitive training of children and also depends the personality and values of the children. Because of that, if you are or wan to be a teacher, you have to love what youdo, be humble, get motivated, get curious, share your experiences, to motivate your students to investigate, invite them to think, to discuss, to create a friendshipenvironment, to create trust and this way help yours students if they have problems or want to share something with you don’t be afraid and counts with you in whatever you can do forthem.
I mean, in the whole being a teacher is nice, but to be an excellent one is beautiful.

Jenny Marcela Garcés Campo
5th semester foreign languages
August 16th 2010