Teaching seaking: a theoretical and practical view

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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After reading the whole material and having heard my classmates presentation about it, I thought about how could be the best way to analyze theimportance of what I have learned and then I come to the conclusion that the best way for doing so is by diving the information into aspects that are relevant at the level of practice in the classroomand aspects that we as future teachers need to know at the level of theory when teaching speaking; Therefore I will give reasons about practical and theoretical relevance of what has been taught.The first aspect that I would like to mention is about knowledge that is essential for teachers to know and has to do with the importance of teaching speaking because, as we studied, there are schoolsin which speaking is not encourage because teachers might think that the linguistic competence is enough (the ability to articulate sounds in a comprehensible manner as well as to master syntax andvocabulary) so firstly it is quite useful to know the difference between the linguistic competence and the communicative competence (sociolinguistic and conversational skills) as well as the differencebetween competence(what one knows) and performance(what one does) secondly we have to understand the advantages of speaking tasks: they enable students to practice real life speaking communication inthe safety of the classroom, provide feedback for both teacher and students letting us know clearly difficulties and achievements and finally help students to become autonomous language users byactivating automatically the elements of language.
The second aspect that attracted my attention is more practical (and is of course presented as theory too) and has to do with the reluctant students andthe strategies to deal with them; I had had the opportunity to teach in school and so far I had not had the theoretical and practical approaches or strategies to deal with this problem so I was able...
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