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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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The play performed at Teatro 1887, “Entre Noche & Niebla”, wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be once I was told that the play focused on human rights and such issues. Althoughit did touch upon the fore mentioned topic, it seems that a situation such as kidnapping, ransom and torture are a bit of an outdated issue that has in fact reduced its severity at a notablepercentage.
In a way it’s a subject that perhaps most Costa Ricans do not understand since the level of crime related to kidnapping isn’t nearly comparable to countries such as Mexico, Colombia, El Salvadorto mention a few that are known for dealing with such incidents. This play offers somewhat of an insight into how situations like this can be of a complex nature and bring out the worst in decenthard working people.
Many would agree that this play could be considered an educational play to inform others of the what’s, why’s and how’s of such criminal activities, yet I find it to be a waste dueto the fact that we could benefit from more pertinent issues such as governmental corruption, marginalized societies, drug trade, etc.
Another important observation that deserves mentioning is thatmany of the details involved in a play or situation are what determine the quality of the outcome. Although the actors and producers did a good job, I think they could have done much better had theydone better research into how the kidnap, ransom and torture situations evolve and how it begins to break those involved, kidnapper and victim alike.
Regardless of any minor or mayor detail which mayhave been overlooked, the actors did a fairly good job of communicating the idea or gist of the play. Their manipulation of props, costumes, audio and scene advancements were well done. Theiremotional expression denoted them to have experience and also proved their hard work and preparation of the play.

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Play: “Entre Noche & Niebla”

Presenting Theater: Teatro 1887...
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