Technological evolution

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Table commentary:
“The percentage of the European workforce employed in agriculture.”
This table provides us information about agricultural situation (workforce employed) of several countries,over the XVIII and XIX centuries.
When we analyze the given data, we have some representative countries that give us an idea of international framework into agricultural situation. The underlinedcountries, which have same slope trend, there´re; England, that have a negative tendency (diminishing workforce employed) that shows the efficiency and improving productivity; France, followingnegative tendency, but into inferior dimension; Netherlands, with similar results; Prussia, with sharply negative tendency; Russia, linear trend into agricultural evolution and Spain with lightly negativetendency.
We observe that all that countries have a convergence tendency due to the industrial development, which took place between the studied years. The first industrial revolutionary wave was in1750-1870 period, and England was the emergency country, closely followed by Belgium (because of geographic, economic and cultural similitude). The agriculture was greatly improved and theinnovations have as a result a large increase in the production and of the fields and employment efficiency. Some of those devices were technological, but we have innovations into the institutional frameworkand in organization and land exploitation. So consequently, we can see this slow decreasing rate of agricultural force, thought the following percentages: 1705 with 35% and 1870 with 14%.
We musthighlight that all countries that have an Industrial Revolution, experiment a development of the secondary sector as consequence of primary sector decreases, so this table represents also the rose ofnational industrial and economical expansion.
The other considered countries belonged to the secondary revolution wave (1815-1870), was the First and Late comers like France or Prussia that,...
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