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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2011
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How technology is changing the way we communicate with each other

Technology is a subject that leaves no one indifferent, we live surrounded by it and we can find anywhere in ourhouse, in the street and even in the cosmos and therefore we can say that technology has changed and continue changing our way of thinking and living.
Technology has benefited in many aspects of ourlives, such as e-mail was invented 1971 but was not until 1990 that began to flourish in institutions, schools and homes, 20 years ego the post was the messaging through time was needed to receive ourmail, now send a e-mail by internet takes seconds, other invention such fax, printer, scan, revolutionized the world of the information. The first world countries are leading in technology developmentand is where most of the population has access to it, otherwise developing countries lack these advances leaving it at a disadvantage less developed countries.

When I think of technology I cannotstop thinking about its evolution, years, decades, centuries have gone to talk about the development we enjoy today.
It’s not uncommon to hear the word globalization, as the rapid program oftransport and communications, and in particular technological advances such as optical cable, microprocessors, facsimile or satellite transmission, has reduced the distances.
Only a decade ago had to go tolibraries to expand our knowledge, nowadays from home with internet we can find the information we want with just one click, and you have it, today the internet has become our best ally for endless ofactivities from finding a partner to buy on line and an endless array of activities. The internet move massive amount of information to anyplace also the internet has changed the way peoplesocialize, chat rooms where people interact and change personal information no matter in which part of the world you are if you have internet access. Internet spread any news by web sides, blogs, Twitter...
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