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Exam Viewer - ENetwork Final Exam - CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals (Version 4.0)

Below you will find the assessment items as presented on the exam as well as the scoring rules associated with the item. Use of the exam information in the Exam Viewer is subject to the terms of the Academy Connection Website Usage Agreement between you and Cisco. The purpose of the Exam Viewer is tosupport instruction while not compromising exam security for other Cisco Networking Academies or students. This material should not be distributed outside a proctored and controlled setting. If misuse is found, action will be taken to limit access to assessment content. Please remember to logout and close your browser window after using the Exam Viewer. 1

When connectionless protocols areimplemented at the lower layers of the OSI model, what is usually used to acknowledge that was received and to request the retransmission of missing data? IP UDP Ethernet a connectionless acknowledgement an upper-layer, connection-oriented protocol or service


Refer to the exhibit. Each media link is labeled. What type of cable should be used to connect the different devices? Connection 1 - rollovercable Connection 2 - straight-through cable Connection 3 - crossover cable Connection 1 - crossover cable Connection 2 - rollover cable Connection 3 - crossover cable Connection 1 - straight-through cable Connection 2 - crossover cable Connection 3 - crossover cable Connection 1 - straight-through cable Connection 2 - crossover cable Connection 3 - straight-through cable Connection 1 - crossovercable Connection 2 - straight-through cable Connection 3 - crossover cable 3 Which OSI layer does IP rely on to determine whether packets have been lost and to request retransmission? application presentation session transport 4 What is true regarding network layer addressing? (Choose three.) uses a flat structure prevent broadcasts

heirarchical uniquely identifies each host 48 bits in lengthcontains a network portion 5 A PC can not connect to any remote websites, ping its default gateway, or ping a printer that is functioning properly on the local segment. Which action will verify that the TCP/IP stack is functioning correctly on this PC? Use the ipconfig /all command at the host’s command prompt. Use the ping command at the command prompt. Use the traceroute command at thecommand prompt to identify any failures on the path to the gateway. Use FTP to check for connectivity to remote sites. Download a troubleshooting tool from the PC manufacturer's website. 6 Which type of media is immune to EMI and RFI? (Choose two.) 10 Base-T 10 Base-2 10 Base-5 100 Base-FX 100 Base TX 1000 Base LX 7

Refer to the exhibit. The command that is shown was issued on a PC. What doesthe IP address represent? IP address of the host default gateway of the host IP address of the homepage for the host primary domain name server for the host IP address of the website resolver1.mooki.local


Refer to the exhibit. The diagram represents the process of sending email between clients. Select the list below that correctly id the component or protocol used at eachnumbered stage of the diagram. 1.MUA 2.MDA 3.MTA 4.SMTP 5.MTA 6.POP 7.MDA 8.MUA 1.MUA 2.POP 3.MDA 4.SMTP 5.MTA 6.MDA 7.SMTP 8.MUA 1.MUA 2.POP 3.SMTP 4.MDA 5.MTA 6.SMTP 7.POP 8.MUA 1.MDA 2.SMTP 3.MTA 4.SMTP 5.MTA 6.MUA 7.POP 8.MDA 1.MUA 2.SMTP 3.MTA 4.SMTP 5.MTA 6.MDA 7.POP 8.MUA 9 Which three statements characterize the transport layer protocols? (Choose three.) TCP and UDP port numbers are used byapplication layer protocols. TCP uses port numbers to provide reliable transportation of IP packets. UDP uses windowing and acknowledgments for reliable transfer of data. TCP uses windowing and sequencing to provide reliable transfer of data. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol. UDP is a connectionless protocol.

10 Which OSI layers offers reliable, connection-oriented data communication...
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