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Duitama inside his principal orographical points is outlined the high plateaus of Bread of Sugar and the high plateau of The Russia, equally is outlined the Cleaver of Dry Lagoon where theKnob of the Russia, Hill of Bread of Sugar, Knob of The Cross, Knob of White Rock, cleaver of Black Rock
In the urban area the flagstones and hills identify the tutelary hills of the Miraculousone, The Toulouse and San Jose, hill perimetrales as the hill The Crosses and the hill Cargua.
This ecosystem of high plateau of the mountainous System of The Andes, it gives origin to an exceptionalhydrographic star, feeding the Rivers that bathe regions corresponding to Boyacá's departments and Santander.
In Duitama there was restored by the first time the military obligatory service, on orderof the Liberator Simón Bolívar in 1.819, year in which also Duitama was raised as Municipio.duitama Limita in the northern part by the department of Santander, for the south by Paipa and Tibasosa, Bythe East by Viterbo's Santa Rosa and Wood and by the West by Paipa. There are modern neighborhoods and wide avenues.
Places to visit
The Plaza of the Liberators, headquarters the Institutions masimportant of the city, this way like of the Bank companies. It is the square mas modern of the Department, adorned by impressive buildings.
· Hamlet Boyacense, a neighborhood where every stableanswers each of the nice mas peoples of the department: Villa of Leyva, Tibasosa, Tenza, Mongui, Raquira, Sachica and the Cocuy.
· Museum of Religious Art: To 6 kilometres of the downtown, access ofcar, founded in 1965 by the Obisco Monseñor Julio Franco Arango; it compiles the history of the religious autochthonous art of the Diocese, located in a house of last century, surrounded by a beautifullandscape of regional art, consists of six lounges with chapel, theatre, gardens; restored and preserved.
· Chapel of the Trinidad, located in the path The Trinidad, construction of the epoch of...
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