Terminos civiles de derecho

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Key Terms
Civil Part
Chapter 4
1. Juridical Act: It’s of nature or by men without consequences of law.
Example: when you got you majority age

2. Juridical Fact: It’s when the men producejuridical effects with his intention.
Example: when you want to get married

3. Unilateral: it’s when just one part its obligated and the other one no.
Example: when you are a donate

4.Bilateral: when in both parts its obligated between each other.
Example: a buy-sale

5. Advisability: its when you get a benefit in both part of the act.
Example: a buy-sale

6. Free: it’s when in justone part of the act got a benefit
Example: a bailment

7. Commutative: when both parts know exactly what are going to receive.
Example: the people who makes a rent.

8. Random: when you buysomething or make something but you didn’t now exactly what’s going to receive.
Example: buy and selling, the people from the camp that make the crop.

9. Consensual: it didn’t require some formallyand it will be expressing or tactic.
Example: an oral business conversation.

10. Formal: when it’s imposed the law with formally determines.
Example: the norms writing

11. Solemn: when the lawdemand the fulfillment and it got juridical existence.
Example: the civil record.

12. Instantaneous: the legal effects are produced immediately.
Example: when you buy a used car you paid it andimmediately it’s delivered to you.

13. Successive: It’s when the obligations are going to be fulfill in parts.
Example: rent contract.

14. Necessary elements for the existence (juridical act):many necessary elements have to be compliments to exist in the juridical form.

15. Consent :it’s the parts of the juridic act to celebrate it needs to demonstrate their assent tocelebrate it.
Example: the constitutional law

16. Object:it’s necessary for the existence of the juridc act .

17. Necessary elements for the validity (juridical act): it depends that...
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