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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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Earthquakes are Earth’s natural phenomenons that many times cause great disasters in the society. Depending on the magnitude, an earthquake can cause more or fewer damages. The damages inunderdeveloped countries use to be more severe and the recovery period is more difficult and slower than in developed countries. One of the last highest earthquakes happened in Haiti, a very underdevelopedcountry. The causes that made this earthquake have a strong impact in Haiti were its high magnitude, no preparation for earthquakes and no efficient hospital care.

The Haitian earthquake had a greatmagnitude that caused that the damages were very great. Many houses and buildings collapsed and many people were killed. Even landmark buildings like the ONU building were destroyed. The capital of Haitiwas the most affected place by the earthquake. Moreover, due to several aftershocks of different magnitudes, more buildings collapsed and more people died. The highest aftershock had a magnitude of7. If the magnitude of the earthquake had been lower, the damages would have been fewer.

Another reason why Haiti was so impacted was no preparation for earthquakes. Fist of all, no contingence planhad been created. There was not an established quick help plan to include several helps such as housing for homeless, food and drinks for the affected people and a better medical care for the injuredones. Furthermore, the building’s structures were not adapted to earthquakes. Most of the constructions were made of stone, lacked of an essential material to strengthen them and the ceilings hadedges of concrete and a block in the middle. Many Haitians lost their houses or were squashed and killed because of that. If the country had been prepared for this kind of disasters, it would have beenfaster.

The lack of medical care was another reason. The hospitals collapsed as a result of the earthquake. Since there was not a contingence plan, the country had not any emergency places and...
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