Textos en ingles sobre el medio ambiente




1. What´s the environmental pollution? 1

2. Recycling 3

3. Risks of new technologies: personal music players & hearing 4

4. Reduce & Reuse 6

5. Acid Rain 86. Europeans make the environment a top priority 11

7. Salvaging the big blue 13

8. Urban growth 16

9. Environmental improvements 18

10. Temperate forests and deforestation 19

11.The price of pollution 21

12. Energy-Saving Lamps & Health 23

13. Taking Control of Air Pollution in Mexico City 25

14. What is Global Warming? 27

15. The top 10 worst polluted places onearth 29


1. What´s the environmental pollution?

World Medical Association Statement on Pollution
Adopted by the 30th World Medical Assembly, Sao Paulo,Brazil, October 1976
And revised by the 36th World Medical Assembly, Singapore, October 1984

The World Medical Association, having considered the problem of pollution at its ScientificConference held in Sao Paulo in 1976, emphasizes the importance of the ecological balance between people and their surroundings and stresses that as countries undergo social and economical developmentthey should take steps for the improvement of the quality of their environment.

The problem of pollution affects not only the viability and beauty of the environment, but constitutes a growingthreat to the very health of the humans who occupy it. Thus physicians must play a major role in prevention of disease due to pollution.

Environmental pollution may be defined as the resultof actions taken by people, either consciously or due to neglect or ignorance, that degrade or contaminate the natural environment. For example, the indiscriminate disposal of chemical wastes maylead to irreparable contamination of precious acquifers from which come water that is essential to human life.

Certain adverse physical factors, ionizing radiation and chemicals such as chromium,...
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