The american flag

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  • Publicado : 14 de julio de 2010
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Anthony Landron
Professor Fuhrel
English 101
13 July 2010

I found great humor in the truth told by Dick Teresi in “Star Spangled Stupidity”. I was active duty inthe United States Air Force for six years and am currently in the United States Air Force Reserves, and I have seen so many of the rules concerning the flag broke. I hada friend that was all about the Air Force and the United States that would talk about it left and right. He had two tattoos, one on each arm, one of the Air Force Symbolon one arm and one of an eagle with the United States flag on the other, since I am from another country he would talk about the greatness of America and how much heloves his country and his flag. But one day I realized that he was not so patriotic. Every day at 1630 hours on base the United States National Anthem play, and beingmilitary and in uniform, if you are outside, you have to stop everything that you are doing, stand at attention, and salute the flag. Instead of stopping and saluting, my friendactually ran to his car just so he did not have to stand there for a minute and a half, and salute while the National Anthem played. It’s funny that nowadays there areso many “proud” Americans that talk so great about the United States but they do not show the respect that needs to be shown to their flag. I am not trying to single outmy friend, while I was active duty, this was the case for a lot of the airmen that did not want to salute, with excuses like the heat, their legs hurt, or the sun is toobright. Now these are coming from people who represent the entire nation who actually disrespect it so much. I guess you could call that hypocrisy, laziness, or stupidity.
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