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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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The story starts when a man called Watson goes to the sherlock`s house.
Watson got into the room and the first thing he saw was his friend Sherlock Holmes playing the violin, just in this momentWatson started to think that, maybe, he had a new case to solve.
In fact, Watson was right. Holmes told to Watson to read the newspaper. One of the news talked about the second tragic accident in agame of criquet in Havelock, but it wasn`t a normal thing because cricket it is not a dangerous game.
Holmes though that there was a murder involved in the accident, so he decided to investigatewith his friend Watson. Watson and Holmes went to ”Devon” to get some answers. At first they went to visit the colonel Abbot in Havelock, he had seem the game because of his nephew (giles pendryth).Abbot told to Holmes that the accident wasn`t the bowler`s fault, but the bowler though the opposite and that is the reason why he wouldn`t play criquet again. Abbot said that someone was interested inbuying the giles farm, but giles didn’t want to sell it. Colonel Abbot also talked about the other fellow that had been murdered, he said that his name was Gabriel pugh and that he was the owner of thefarm situated next to the giles farm, he had refused to sell his farm too.
while Holmes and Abbot were talking, Dr. Lennon, the secretary of the village croquet game, interrupted them getting intothe colonel`s house saying that he had been in south india and that it would be very difficult to find someone to play at the next day in the afternoon. Holmes said to Lennon that Watson was a verygood player of criquet. Lennon offered to Watson to go to practice with the team. Watson agreed.
In the practice, all the players were really nervious about what had happened so it was a very quietgame.
At the next day, the game started and in the start it was quite normal. In the recess, all the players went for a tea before the princeleigh, the opposite team and the innings, but durng the...
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