The mexican revolution of 1910

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The Mexican Revolution of 1910


1. The dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz
The authoritarian leader was in power since 1876, re-elected in 7 opportunities.

40 percent of Mexican land was owned by 480 farmers, who kept millions of peasants who in ignorance and misery.

3. Imperialism
Big foreign capitalists controlled the railways, mines,oil, etc.. Meanwhile, the working people suffered poverty, and lacked social rights.


In 1910, Porfirio Díaz was reelected for the seventh time, after imprisoning the oppositioncandidate Francisco Madero. But this, after leaving prison, he called on the national rebellion was followed by popular leaders such as Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.

Finding himselfcornered, Porfirio Díaz resigned on May 25, 1911, and fled to Europe.

Victorious, Madero restored the 1857 constitution, introduced the popular vote and prohibited re-election. But the peasantmasses clamored for economic reforms, and the southern rebel leader Emiliano Zapata Ayala proposed plan to distribute land among workers.

Supported him Pancho Villa from the north. Meanwhile,conservative groups (landowners, the Church) assisted the Minister Victoriano Huerta, who betrayed Madero and had him murdered in 1913.

After two years of social and political chaos in late1915 took over Venustiano Carranza, who in 1917 promulgated the Constitution of Querétaro, where major reforms were implanted as working time of 8 hours, compensation for accidents, freedom ofbelief, land reform and nationalization of oil.

In 1920, Venustiano Carranza was killed by supporters of Álvaro Obregón, who took power soon after. For many Carranza's death marks the endof the Mexican Revolution.

However, outbreaks of violence continued until he came to power in 1934 Don Lázaro Cárdenas, and realized the land reform and expropriation of the oil fields.
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