The movies

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2010
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The Movies

Students: Sebastian Becker Roberto Matus Grade: Intermediate Level Date: 02 / 09 / 10

The Lumière brothers, created the movies. The film was officially opened as ashow in Paris on December 28, 1895, and consisted of a series of documentary images.
The success of this invention was immediate, not only in France but also in Europe and North America. In one yearthe Lumière brothers created over 500 films, marked by the absence of actors and natural scenery, lack of assembly and the fixed position of the camera. The development of new cinematic techniques,and the development of the first fiction scripts, caused the Lumière brothers remain in the background on the growth of their movies. 
The art of motion pictures grew into full maturity before thebeginning of movies with sound. Since the silent film could not use audio with the image to present the dialogue, titles were added to clarify the situation to the hearing or to show conversations. 
Inthe nineteen twenties there was a new technology that allowed the filmmakers to add a soundtrack to the films,
While the incorporation of sound, the disappearance of the Reporter and the alive musicwas quick. The audience was relatively indifferent to color photography as opposed to black and white. But to improve color registration processes and reducing costs compared to black and white, moremovies were filmed in color.
In the 80s, the emergence and introduction of the video, and the increase of television channels in different ways, made the audience see more movies than ever, withoutleaving home.
Started the 90s, the crisis of ideas took hold of American movies, it was decided to draw inspiration from the comic book heroes, taking advantage of the new procedures for creatingspecial effects. 
Today films are made in 3D, because it gives a sense of depth and attracting more public attention, the most successful films. 
In our opinion, we find this is an interesting theme...
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