The power of the decision

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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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The power of the decision.
Well nowadays mostly all of us humans, i think, we all have a point in our lives where we think we are capable to do certain things and decisions in our life, when wedon't know if its correct or not. Libertinism is what I'm talking about. Mostly all of us think we do things because we just want to do it, but sometimes there is always a point in our lives where we doit because we decide to, being in a free will position meaning enjoying life in so many ways, partying, drinking, and many things we sometimes think that that’s called libertinism, but we all come inconclusion when we stop, and we decide to take life day by day and not doing things we can't do in one day taking things easy taking the right choices so everything in life goes the right way we wantit to be. But once we start all those steps in our life, doing things right and taking the right choices things in life go much better. Sometimes we don't do things thinking about it if it’s right ornot. But it’s because if we do something it’s because we want to do it because that’s our own choice and our own way of taking life, everyone has different way of thinking and taking their choicesdaily different, Also we do things emotionally not thinking twice on what we do and we just do it and once we do it we regret doing it why because we are not thinking on what we do but after all wheneverything passes by we start realizing how everything was. That’s why we can't do things without thinking about it, because sometimes we do things and we dong thing about what we do we can't tell on howwe might hurt the other person by no reason or by acting in a way we are not supposed to. We all have to understand that things happen for a reason and that if we do things it’s not because we want tobut because we do it in the moment, we have the capacity to decide on our own decisions, others are often those that they invade our time, we live conditioned to comply with their demands, which...
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