The scientific revolution

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When we speak about revolution and science we refer to: progress, change, knowledge and that is exactly the scientific revolution, a very wide period in which advances were arising in many aspectsbut principally in the scientific aspect. This period represents the change of time in which the only way of going forward was by trusting in speculations and deductions. But with the backup ofscience the investigations became a lot more accurate and trustful. Also Astronomers, scientists and mathematicians like Descartes, Galileo, Bacon, Copernicus, etc., started to question the church and howthey represented God. We will write about some of the greatest figures in the scientific revolution, Copernicus, Galileo and Newton.

The astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus questioned how the churchviewed the world, he used mathematics, observations and proved theories to clearly see the universe and the earth position. One “weak” point of Copernicus was that he worried too much about the churchjudging him so he was extremely careful when explaining his thoughts. Copernicus’ ways of analyzing the universe were a great advance in astronomy.
Another important character of the scientificrevolution was the mathematician Galileo. He, as mentioned above, started questioning how the church represented God. Galileo did not care the church’s opinion or what the church would do to him so hepublished his theories. Many scientists had their ideas of the church but they didn't published their findings because they were scared. Galileo also saw that the earth was not the center of the earthbut the church just did not agreed with him, he became an enemy of the church.
Isaac Newton, a mathematician, was the first person to prove that the natural laws that ruled the earth ere the same inthe outer space so with this theory the church was no longer needed to explain how the outer space worked. Isaac is considered by many the greatest scientist of the history.

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